With boats that routinely hit more than 200 km/h, safety is a crucial element of Formula Powerboat Grand Prix racing.

That is why new sponsor Mercury Marine is so pleased to help ensure help will be on hand as quickly and dependably as possible.

As part of their sponsorship Mercury has repowered the event rescue boat Rescue 1 with a FourStroke 115hp – an engine with an outstanding track record of reliability and power.

“I think it’s magnificent of Mercury to support Rescue 1 and the entire sport in this way,” said Formula Powerboat Grand Prix President, Gavin Bricker.

“There’s no doubt this new engine will improve our safety.

The repowered Rescue 1 had its first outing at the season’s opening round at lovely Lake Mulwala on the Murray River.

“Formula Powerboat racing is a spectacular sport with a strong following and we’re very proud to be helping in this way,” said Mercury’s Peter Massina who oversaw the repower.

“These drivers take their boats right to the limit, so they need and deserve to have help right at hand.

“And given that virtually all the boats competing have Mercury engines, it’s fitting that Rescue 1 now also sports the black Mercury cowl!”

Fantastic FourStrokes

With less weight and high displacement, Mercury FourStrokes generate abundant torque and immediate power, so they accelerate better and get boats onto a plane faster.

These engines also start up and go – anytime.

Designed to be virtually maintenance-free, Mercury FourStrokes feature tougher components, reliable electronic fuel injection, and a lifetime maintenance-free valve train.

Mercury engineers have also ensured these engines are significantly quieter and smoother than the competition – with up to 50% less vibration and 50% less noise than comparable outboards.